Pulau Tioman is not a very big island. As such, getting around within the vicinity can be quite easy. Once you have reached the island, public transportation is easily accessible which is very affordable. A common advice you will get is to wear long pants and light clothing without carrying too much.

Getting around Tioman Island On Land

The most common type of public transportation here is by using cars or motorcycles. The main town in Tioman Island is Kampung Tekek where there is a main concrete road that connects the major locations here like the airport and the very popular Berjaya Resort. One thing to note is that there are not many roads around the island that you can drive around in especially in other areas besides Tekek village.

Meanwhile, you can rent a car ride if you like which ranges between RM20 and RM120 depending on the distance. If you plan to self-drive, it would be best to rent a car on your own. For about RM60, you can actually take what is known as the 4WD ‘taxi’ services.

Getting around Tioman Island On Sea

Bluewater Ferry is the main transportation service operator that provides services if you plan to go around on sea. For about RM20 per person, you can get from one village to another where the ferry stops at Salang and Genting en route between Mersing and the main Tioman jetty. If you have a specific place to go, you can take speedboats which are available between RM20 and RM60 per trip. This would be slightly costlier if you take the speedboats at night.

Getting around Tioman Island On foot

Tioman Island has a very natural and beautiful landscape where you will actually see more if you go around on foot. Because it is such a small place, walking around the island can be quite an experience. You only need to travel light and explore the island on your own around the villages. If you are planning to see more natural attractions, there are numerous jungle trails that you can go into that will show you the best of what the island has to offer. Most visitors here will want to visit Monkey Bay which is among the most popular beaches around.