The beaches around Salang is possibly the most renowned ones in Tioman Island. Located at the northern parts of the island along a small bay here, the jetty is where all the action can be found. Besides that, there are a numerous shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts around the vicinity with Salang Village being divided through the jetty and the lagoon.

If you are here for the action, the northern area is where you want to be but if it is the peace of the beach you are looking for then head to the opposite direction. What you will notice here is its holiday village and resort environment with no sign of crowd or congestion. The scenic view of people playing on the beach under the sun with a lot of chattering and music will be what you are looking for in a perfect beach getaway.

Swimming is best around the southern side where the soft-textured sand gives you the best of what you can expect while the northern side is a bit too rocky during the low tide, making it difficult to go for a swim. Besides that, snorkelling and other water sports are quite popular in the southern side but it can get quite crowded during the peak season.