Along the populous western coast of Tioman Island is Paya Village. It is between most of the major villages of the island where you can reach here via the passenger boat that connects Mersing town with the likes of Tekek and Salang.

Naturally, Paya Village is very much the same as other villages in Tioman Island. In fact, it is known to be one of the better beaches in the island because it has an excellent view of the mountain. Paya, which means swamp in the local language is merely a name as it is anything but one. In fact, having your holiday in Paya Village means that you get the chance to stay within some of the most beautiful and rustic places with the village and beach side as company.

From Paya Village, you can actually see Mount Kajang which is the highest peak in Tioman Island measured at 1,038 meters above sea-level. Besides the sun, sea and sand, you actually get to explore the mountain through the ascending and descending points of Mount Kajang from here while talking a half-hour walk through the jungle would get you to Bunot beach which can be quite a breath-taking and amazing sight.