The Melina Beach is where you would go if you want to be away from the maddening crowd of other more popular beaches and town centres. It is actually quite isolated from the rest of Tioman Island which houses the privately-owned Melina Beach Resort.

What you get here at Melina Beach is a long stretch of sandy-beaches that stems from the foot of Mount Kajang, the highest point of the island. Melina Beach is located between 2 major villages which are Paya Village and Genting Village with a unique feature of having natural boundaries. This simply means that it is a safe playground for the young ones that makes the vacation a truly, perfect one for everybody.

The scenic retreat here at Melina Beach is a great place to relax and unwind because it is as private as it gets. It is not too large which makes walking around quite a breeze while the view here is simply awesome especially when the strong clouds roll over the clear, blue skies accompanied by the resounding sun in the evening. On another tip are the rocky outcrop which makes for great photography while you get to enjoy shuttle services from the jetty if you are planning to stay in the resort.