Lalang is actually a type of tropical grass and that is the name given to this beautiful beach in Tioman Island. However, if lalang grass is what you are looking for, you would surely be disappointed because as they are actually quite a rare sight here and probably only a name given to exude the tropical environment it naturally is.

Compared to other beaches in Tioman Island, Lalang Beach is actually quite small. It is home to the Berjaya Beach, Golf and Spa Resort which means it has its own set of facilities including a private and dedicated boat jetty. If you plan to come to this beach area, you will have to come by through Tekek Village which usually takes about half an hour.

Berjaya actually offers free shuttle services to take passengers from other locations to Lalang Beach regardless whether you are a guest in their resort. The northern part of the beach is where you will find the chalets operated by Berjaya but the water there tends to be quite murky while the southern part of Lalang Beach is where the jetty is located and is actually a lot more scenic as compared to the opposite end.