Around Juara Village, you can take a walk up to the 2 kilometers stretch of white, sandy beaches. It is the only village located around the eastern coast of Tioman Island which means it has a unique attraction factor that no other beaches can give, sunrise. This however means you will have to brave the entire stretch of the island from the east in order to get here.

As it faces the South China Sea, this is the place to go if you want to watch the majestic sunrise spread across the water’s horizon. Some believe that Juara Village has the best beach in Tioman Island because of this although you need to wake up really early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the skyscape.

Along the beach, you will find several chalets and places to eat. On the southern tip of the beach is a lagoon while the opposite tip is where you will find more rocks. At the lagoon area, turtles are known to come here for nesting while the rocks in the north gives the coral reef treatment. Meanwhile, there is a waterfall located just behind Juara Village while you can go hiking into the jungle to watch a myriad of beautiful flora and fauna in their most natural habitats.