Getting into Tioman Island is possible through various modes. Before entering into Pulau Tioman, you should take note that some gateways require you to pay the conservation fee before you are allowed to get in. It is advised to check on this before embarking.

Getting to Tioman By Sea

As Tioman Island is naturally an island, getting in by sea would be very common. Ferry services are easily available where you can take the Tioman Ferry services. This starts from the town of Mersing where you can take the fast boats towards the island. The total travelling time will be about 2 hours before you reach the first drop-off point in Tioman. Generally, there are 3 services available on a daily basis but it could be reduced depending on the demand and the situation in the waters. At times, the ferry might leave earlier or later if the tide is not suitable for sailing.

Tip: If you plan to get into the island on the same day as your arrival to Mersing, try to get in the morning before noon as there might not be ferries available later in the afternoon.

If you are coming to Tioman Island for diving, then some dive operators might include the ferry ride as part of the package which means you need not have to worry about missing the boat ride.

Getting to Tioman By Air

Tioman Island is served by the Pulau Tioman Airport which is located in the most populous village in Kampung Tekek. Berjaya Air is the operator that provides flight services into the island.

To get in, you will fly from Kuala Lumpur which will take about an hour while there are flights coming in from Singapore which takes half an hour as well. If you plan to come in by flight, be sure to check the availability as it could depend on the weather and monsoon season.

Tip: Try to travel light as the Dash-7 Turboprop planes only allow a maximum of 10kgs per passenger. This is mainly because the plane can only take a maximum of 48 people at any time and weight would be an issue if there are too much excess baggage.