Besides Tekek Village, Genting Village is another major place in Tioman Island where you get the best of everything within a single location. The golden and smooth-textured sand here welcomes here alongside the granite rocky boulders set amidst the scenic backdrop of the rainforest scattered with old school village homes at Genting Village is simply your perfect getaway of what a true vacation should be.

At Genting Village, you will find several shops to buy some duty-free items or dine at the cafes and restaurants while enjoy the cool breeze gushing in from the seas. The wooden homes here are typically built by the locals where you should take your own, sweet time to explore the best of life without the aid of modern gadgetry.

Along the footpaths, you will come across a multitude of different flora and fauna like monkeys and birds or even spot a monitor lizard or two. Genting Village is located about half an hour to other villages nearby and if you are feeling explorative, take the time to get to know the locals more by stopping by to ask, experience or simply indulge in some time under the tropical sun beside one of the most beautiful places you can imagine.