Food in Tioman Island can be a challenge if you are the picky type. However, if you are open to all types of food, then you will find a lot of options that might attract your taste buds. Visitors to Pulau Tioman are always encouraged to try out the local cuisine although there are some continental choices as well.

Food Pricing in Tioman Island

One of the major factors of food in Tioman Island is on pricing. The rule of thumb here is that local dishes are very cheap while continental and western cuisine are comparatively more expensive particularly if you are dining in a restaurant in the upscale resorts or hotels. To be entirely safe, you might want to buy bottled drinking water which is very cheap.

Local Food in Tioman Island

If you are around the villages, you will find a lot of shops that sell local food. Take some time to choose the best places you are comfortable with especially the mamak shops that serve great Nasi Goreng or Roti Canai. Besides that, they have stalls that sell the local Ramly Burger and hot dogs. Around Juara, you will find a few local food stalls that serve Malay dishes at affordable rates.

Western Food in Tioman

If you are around the Coral Reef Holidays, the Village Restaurant here serves great western cuisine as well as Malay dishes. Guests here can enjoy the specially cooked food as well as the great view that overlooks the waters. Meanwhile, there are quite a lot of options at the buffet breakfast served at the Juara Mutiara or you can head out to the Bushman restaurant.

Other places where you can find food around Tioman Island is the Ayer Batang, the Arini Rock Café, ThaiFun Restaurant and others, all of which have their own set of unique offerings in their menu.

Beverages in the Island

Foreign visitors can be seen hanging around the bars and pubs around Tioman Island especially in the evenings and sometimes to the wee hours of the morning. This includes the likes of the B&J Bar, the open air lounge at Manana in Juara, Allo Bar in Air Batang, Sunset Bar, Ari’s Café, the Tioman Cabana Bar and the very unique and traditional Bar Rumah where you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.