Located at the western coast of Tioman Island is Ayer Batang. It is fondly known as ABC named after the Air Batang Chalets and is one of the most popular villages here, to name a few. What you will observe here at ABC is an excellent place to have a holiday because of its village motif and setting, the peace and quietness of the beachside, places to eat and several accommodation options to choose from.

At ABC, you will enjoy the fact that you will be staying in the midst of the local people who goes about with their daily activities. From the village homes to the plantations that you can see, take your time to wander in the community of very-friendly people who can accommodated any of your requests or queries.

Meanwhile, take your time to indulge some time under the sun through the beach which spreads across 2 kilometers of white and smooth sand. Along this trail, you can find several restaurants to enjoy a meal that overlooks the sea waters or stay in the chalets that are easily available. ABC is a great place to go because it never gets crowded while you will surely like the scenic views of the rocky cliffs towards the southern end.