At Tioman Island, you can expect to enjoy a wide variety of things to do around the seaside. The best time to visit Tioman Island is around May to August when the weather is best for swimming and diving. Sea conditions are then perfect for snorkelling as the waters are very calm and cool.

Best time to go scuba diving

Scuba diving would be one of the highlights of visiting Tioman Island where you can be up, close and personal with the likes of turtles, sharks, fishes and some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Apart from that, you will find a lot of snorkelling sites located around Tioman Island. Most of the resorts and hotels provide equipment for snorkelling where you can be near the shallow sea bed and swim with the colourful sea creatures around the beach side.

There are other sea activities available around Tioman Island where you can go kayaking and parasailing if you are up for it. For those who like nature can go jungle trekking or take short walks along the beaches to see the beautiful sceneries that make Tioman so popular. Otherwise, you can try and hike up the hill here or visit the Juara Turtle Hatchery.

Top Attractions in Tioman

Diving into the pristine waters off the coast of Tioman Island would be the highlight of your trip here. This is because Tioman Island, known to be one of the most beautiful islands is the world is home to very rich coral reefs and sea life.

Best place to snorkel and enjoy the seaside

Snorkelling around the coast of Tioman Island is the main attractions but if you are not those who like to swim with fishes and other sea creatures, there are other attractions around the island as well. You can take pre-arranged tours to Coral Island which is not far from the main island.

Within Tioman Island, you can visit the Asah waterfalls which is known as Mukut as well. This is where you get to enjoy the calm and gushing sounds of waters rushing down the mountains while being close with the rich greenery of the island.

Another popular attraction in Tioman Island is to catch the beautiful sights of the sunset or you can take the sunset luxury cruise while having dinner with your love ones. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy the beaches which Tioman Island is so popular for. The white, sandy beaches provide the best landscape for photographs while capturing the sunset will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Tioman Beaches

The Juara Beach in Tioman Island is one of the most beautiful places you can visit if you are coming here for a vacation. This is where you will find white, sandy beaches in what is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Most beautiful beaches in the island

Juara Beach is a great place to relax if you like the peace and tranquillity of the seaside. This is supposed to be the best beach in Tioman island where you can even take a short hike up the hill nearby.

Another popular beach here is Salang beach where the crescent shaped location has a great view of the seas. You will find a lot of people snorkelling here on any day because of its crystal, clear waters while the local village is a popular hangout as well.

At Monkey Beach, you can go for diving classes here while the coast here has one of the most breath-taking sights of Tioman Island. If you are looking for a more isolated place, then you can go to Genting Beach where you can find a lot of chalets lined-up along the white, sandy beach or visit the village just a stone’s throw away.

Tioman Food Guide

Being a top tourist destination, you will have no problem when it comes to food in Tioman Island. However, you might find that the prices here are on the higher side as compared to other parts of Malaysia. This is because most of the restaurants and cafes are associated to the hotels and resorts in one way or another.

All types of cuisine available

If you are staying around the local villages like Juara and Genting, you will be able to find a lot of local dishes and food. This is where you can try out the likes of the Roti Canai or the Mee Goreng which are local favourites. Salang is another town where you can find seafood and local declicacies.

However, if you are looking for a more upscale and perhaps romantic option, then the resorts and hotels would be your best bet. Some of them like Juara Mutiara actually offer buffet meals. There are cruise dinners as well where you get to dine while enjoying the sunset.

There are certain places where food are quite popular like Nazri’s Place that offers barbecue dinner, the Bushman’s in Juara and several Chinese restaurants. Besides that, there are several bars around Tekek and Juara which are great to unwind and relax too.

Plan ahead to avoid dissappointment

A guide to Tioman Island will come in handy if you are looking for the perfect island getaway. You can now plan your trip better once you know how to go about visiting Tioman Island and what to expect when you are here.

Schedule your Tioman Island Holidays

The best thing to do when visiting Tioman Island is to know when is the best time to visit. The middle of the year is the ideal months because it is when rainfall is at its minimum. Furthermore, the sea conditions are perfect for diving around these times as well.

Take note that there are certain local culture that you need to be aware of when visiting Tioman Island where you need to be aware of. This includes being sensitive to the Muslim community by not wearing clothes that are too revealing.

The guide can walk you through other matters like places to stay and what you get from these places. You can find the best local and international foods that are served by the restaurants and cafes operating around Tioman Island. After all, Tioman Island enjoys a year-long of warm and humid weather which is perfect for those coming in from the colder countries.

Best accommodation options in Tioman Island

The Berjaya Tioman Resort is one of the few world-class accommodation options in Tioman Island. It is the largest hotel in the island which is among the most luxurious places you can find. However, if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay, there are many other options available.

Depending on your budget and range, you will be able to find many different types of hotels and resorts in Tioman Island. The Paya Beach Resort is among some of the popular names you will come across that provide value-for-money rooms which come with the best facilities and services.

Besides that, you can find other hotels like the Melina Beach Resort and the Tioman Dive Resort. The latter is very popular for being one of the top diving operators around. Packages here will include dive trips to the sites around Tioman while you get to enjoy a good night’s stay at affordable rates.

Other known places here include Marina Bay Resort, Genting Bayu Chalet, the Tamara Resort and the Sea Side Chalet, among others. The hotels and resorts here provide different types of rooms catered for groups of varying sizes which would be ideal for small groups of visitors and families.

Transport inclusive travel packages to Tioman

The best method to get to Tioman Island is via Mersing. Take note that there is an RM5 fee to enter the island. If you are coming to Tioman for a holiday, ensure that you have made the necessary arrangements.

To ensure everything is taken care of when visiting Tioman Island is to engage a travel package. Most of these packages include transfer from Mersing by boat to the island as well as the entrance fee. If you are coming in via ferry, there are several stops along the way at the many villages including Paya, Genting, Tekek, Salang and Air Batang.

You will have to first travel to Mersing, which is in Johor. Take the North-South Expressway if you are coming in from the northern parts of Peninsular Malaysia. From there, you need to find the jetty which is about a few minutes away. Park your vehicle and you can then take the ferry or speedboat into Tioman. In the island, you can then rent a bike to get around as the island is quite small.

For those who are flying in, the Tioman Airport provides service for those coming in from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Take note that only Berjaya Air serves this route.